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A conveyor system is the one part of mechanical handling equipment that transport materials from one place to another. There is a lot of advancement in conveyors, along with PLCs and Sensors. There are different conveyor systems, and one chooses it depending on the application and expertise in the particular area. Most of the time the benefits of conveyor automation systems are neglected considering the investment. The right conveyor belt can make the job a lot easier for your company. SLCC is your one-stop-shop for all your conveyor needs. We’re here to help you find just the right solution for your company.

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What is Modular Belt Conveyor ?

Modular Belting contains number of Modules where all the modules are assembled as a Modular Belt and is formed by melting the compound particles through the high  temperature of the injection molding machine.
There have a variety of designs as per the application. The conveying surface of the Modular Belt is smooth, the friction is small which makes the material transition  smooth between the conveying lines.
Modular Belting has its unique advantages which helps in solving issues on Conveyor Applications.
We supply our products & Belting in different materials as per the required application and Modular Belting Conveyors  are most commonly used for sterilization, high temperature, disinfection, dishwasher, and Most of the food industry is used in industrial automation lines.

What are the advantages of Plastic Modular Belt ?

The Plastic Modular Conveyor Belt helps to overcome the problems faced in our industrial segments and is integrally moulded with Engineering Compound material.
Modular Belts are of low maintenance, easy handling, easy cleaning and can give you a longer life span.
Modular Conveyor Belt has a high wear & tear resistance and the belt can withstand the characteristics of Cutting, collision, oil and water resistant.
The Plastic Modular Belting is made up of Engineering Plastics where it has a wide variety of specifications and can be selected according to the requirement of the application and process by the customer. Modular Belts have a high Conveying capacity and can carry small to large loads.They can be generally used & rinsed water Applications ( Directly or Indirectly).These Conveyors ar every much easy to clean and can meet the hygiene requirements of the Food ,Seafood, Beverage Industries & many packaging applications. Modular Belts are intertwined and locked with each modular internally in an interlocking manner.
Modular Belt Conveyors provide a smooth, motorized and uniform channel and contains a positive drive that allows the stack to move safely at heights up to five times the width.


  • SS Conveyors System.

  • Modular Belt Conveyors System.

  • PVC Belt Conveyors System.

  • Roller Conveyors System.

  • Screw Conveyors System.

  • Truck loading & Unloading Conveyors.

  • Slat chain Conveyors System.

Modular Belt Crate Moving Conveyor System

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