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About us

Srilakshmi Conveyor Components

Commenced in the year 2012 in Hyderabad, Telangana, SLCC

( SRILAKSHMI CONVEYOR COMPONENTS ) is a Partnership based firm, we are manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Conveyor Systems in India. We offer PVC and PU Belt Conveyors and Modular Belt Conveyors Solutions.


SLCC is a place for all of your conveyor solutions. With twenty-five years of combined data from our technical, design, and industrial experience, we offer our clients the best solution for conveying design.

 Therefore, we have a tendency to design and procure all our conveyor components and spare parts for the conveyor system to be designed efficiently and accurately to suit the customer's application.



 At SLCC, our technical team specializes in designing and installing Conveyor Systems all over India. Our designing and production process includes many rigorous practices of design procedures to ensure the outcome is the best it can be.
Please look at the range of SLCC Conveyor Systems we offer our clients.
Conveyor Systems have become an integral part of our manufacturing sector which help reduce human effort and increase work efficiency and also used during all stages of processing, assembly, packaging, distribution, etc.
We offer our Conveyor Services and Conveyor Solutions to woven sacks, dairy applications, food processing, seafood processing, packaging line, etc.

SLCC offers a suitable conveying solution and our products include

Modular Belt Conveyor System
PVC/PU Belt Conveyor System
Truck Loading and Unloading Conveyor Systems
Crate Transfer Conveyor Systems
Inclined Belt Conveyor System
Vibrating conveyor systems
Conveyors with lifter
Straight Running Conveyor Systems
Side Flex Conveyor Systems
Radius Conveyor Systems
Gravity Roller Conveyor System
Powered Roller Conveyor Systems
Flexible Roller Conveyor
Batch Coding Conveyor Systems
Bucket Elevators
Metal Detecting Conveyor System
Roller conveyor systems
Inclined Conveyors System
Shrink Wrapping Conveyor Systems
Slat Chain Conveyor Systems
Industrial Blenders
Industrial Stirrers



For any inquiries or questions please contact us:
Managing Director: +91- 9492233955
Marketing / Sales: +91- 6309378404
or fill out the following form to request a callback

Address :

Office Plot no.66, Sri Sai Enclave.
Hyderabad - 500039

Unit Address: Plot no. 1195, B.N.Reddy Nagar, Phase - 1, Cherlapalli.Hyderabad, Telangana 501301
For queries mail us:


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